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iOS7 Battery Drain Problem [Reduce it]

September 22nd, 2013 by shaikhzaid under iOS, iPad, iPad3, iPhone, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPod

Since the release of iOS7 people are complaining about the battery drain problem. iOS7 consumes more battery in Dynamic Wallpapers & Background Application Refresh and Update.  Things to do/remember are below.



  • Use static wallpaper – Go to Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper and select a static wallpaper
  • Turn off Background Application Refresh – Go to Settings ->General-> Background App Refresh and turn it off.
  • Turn off Wifi if you are on Mobile data connection, it will further save battery life by not searching for Wifi networks.
  • Do not leave an application open if it uses GPS (location services)


Download iOS 5.1 Beta 3 – iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G and iPad 2, 1

January 10th, 2012 by shaikhzaid under iOS, iPad, iPad3, iPhone, iPhone4s, iPod

Apple release iOS 5.1 BETA 3 for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G and iPad 2,1. It is available only for developers in the Apple’s Dev Center.

You can download iOS 5.1 for your device from the developer’s website.

(via 9 to 5 mac)

iPhone 4S in India – Airtel and Aircel launches iPhone4s in India

November 21st, 2011 by shaikhzaid under iPad3, iPhone, iPhone4s

Airtel and Aircel confirmed the release of iPhone4S in India. The release date is November the 25th and expected price is around INR 44500 for 16 GB, whereas 32 GB iPhone 4S will be available at a price of INR 50,000. 64 GB model is not listed on Airtel but it is reported that all Aircel already sold out 64 GB models.


It is also reported that there is no price difference in Airtel and Aircel and they are launching both the colors of iPhone4S i.e. Black and White. The last date to pre-order on both the providers is November the 24th (mentioned on Airtel and Aircel website).