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How to Upgrade iOS – iPhone, iPad

July 6th, 2012 by shaikhzaid under iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPhone4s, Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading Operating System on your iPhone or iPad, there are two different approaches you can choose from.

1. Update preserving the baseband

2. Upgrade baseband as well

All the jailbroken and unlocked iOS devices should not upgrade their baseband as that may loose the unlock and jailbreak as well. This could be very frustrating as after upgrade you may not be able to unlock your iOS device again. Please check the status of “unlock” before you upgrade to that version.

The first approach is tricky and there are so many utilities out on the internet to preserve your baseband while they upgrade your iOS device. Tinyumbrella and GreenPoison are one of them.

However, if you want a genuine upgrade from Apple; . To provide a custom IPSW to upgrade with press and hold down the shift key while clicking on the Upgrade button.